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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 23, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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police issue a warning tonight about a fraud. the gift card scam that has already claimed at least four victims. >> i was just like in shock, and couldn't believe this happened to me. >> good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. officers admit, it will be tough to catch the culprits. amber lee is live in the city, after speaking with the victim, and learning how the scam works. >> reporter: the woman tells me, she received a phone call, she bought a cash card, and within an hour, she was out
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hundreds of dollars. >> for someone to call on high home and violate me like this. >> and didn't want us to use her real name. >> i was just like in shock, and couldn't believe this happened to me. >> reporter: it all started with a voice message left on her home phone. from a man identifying himself as sergeant jackson, with the san francisco sheriff's department. >> he said, well, we're going to have a warrant out for your arrest. you failed to appear for jury duty. >> reporter: the man instructed her to buy a prepaid cash card in the amount of $480 at her local pharmacy. he had ann call him back with the cash cards account number, allowing him to access her money. the man told her, she could get her money back when she appeared in court. >> i believed it.
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i didn't want to go to jail. >> reporter: she realized she had been scammed when she went to court the next day, and told she hadn't been summoned for jury duty. >> it hurts that someone would call on my home phone and lie to me. >> reporter: we called the number the man provided to ann, and this is what happened. >> the number you dialed has been changed, disconnected, or is no longer in service. investigators tell me, they suspect there are many more victims who are too embarrassed to report what happened. >> the bottom line is law enforcement won't asking for for money. i worked all my life for my money, and it was my savings. >> reporter: ann says she hopes to prevent this from happening to others. police say it's hard to catch
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these scam artists, and they may be operating out of state. they're urging anyone who has been targeted to call them. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. now to the report of a gunman who prompted police to surround this medical building in daly city this afternoon, and then began a careful evacuation. there is evidence that a gun was fired, and that a doctor was the likely target of that. he's here now with what he's learned, including a description of who police are looking for. ken? >> reporter: yeah, it's a very brief description. the shooting happened here on the second floor of the serremonte medical center. what followed was an evacuation and a search for a suspect that
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continues now. there were doctors, staff, and patients evacuated from the medical center building. some had their hands up, escorted by police who at the time did not know who or where the shooter may be. >> a reverse 911 call was placed to instruct the remaining occupants to shelter in place. >> reporter: outside, neighbors watched as security guards ordered people off the sidewalk. >> the security guard says you can't walk by there. the guy is asking, why, why, why, then the guy says, there's somebody running around with a gun, or something like this. >> reporter: police say it started when officers spotted an elderly asian man holding a handgun. the doctor who did not recognize the man, ran for cover. >> the doctor did not see any gunshots fired. he saw a person with a gun as the doctor was departing the
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scene, he heard a loud bang, which he took to be a gunshot. >> reporter: what motivated an elderly man to open fire on a doctor. >> it's really sad. there's no need for this kind of stuff. it's sad though. >> reporter: there are about 40 individual doctors, or dentist offices located into this building center. the building is owned by seaten medical center, but it is at least several blocks away from the hospital, which was unaffected by today's incident. in daly city, ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. new details are emerging about the 15-year-old santa clara boy who flew to hawaii. the maui airport manager said the teen seemed disoriented, and didn't know he was in maui. he reportedly wanted to go to somalia, and see his birth
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mother. today, the boy's father said quote, they told me they were holding my son. i was shocked. i wondered how my son went there. a police officer was seen at the family's home today. child welfare services is now arranging for his return. the teen's father also told the voice of america, he was always talking about going back to africa, where his grandparents still live. we want to go back, but due to the current living conditions, we can't go back. there are reports tonight that cal football player died of a genital heart ailment. he died back in february. the coroner's cause of death is hypertrophic cardiomiography. a man who says he's the biological father of teenage suicide victim audrie pott filed a lawsuit today seeking
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to be included in a wrongful death lawsuit. michael lazarin says he had an affair with audie's mother. she hanged herself after pictures of her following a sexual assault surfaced on the internet. her parents have filed a lawsuit, seeking monetary damages from the parents of the boy held for that sexual assault. oakland attorneys are making their case to keep the a's at the coliseum. county supervisor and member of the coliseum authority, nate miley said the team wants $35 million in subsidies to stay in oakland, and it wants $5 million in unpaid rent to be written off. miley said that money could be
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put to better use. >> taxpayers money. that $5 million can be used for public safety. it can be used for housing. >> reporter: miley said it is scheduled for arbitration in june. the team has wanted to move to san jose, but major league baseball has held up those plans for years. people who live in a homeless camp in the east bay are being paid to leave, and not come back. the city of albany reached a settlement with the people who live at the albany bulb. that's a park right on the waterfront, with million dollar views of san francisco. noel walker tells us, the payout is $3,000 per person, but not everyone has agreed to accept it. >> reporter: there is a place where time stands still, and people live simply. >> my home. it's my home. >> reporter: for the three dodd people who live in the albany bulb, time is running out. >> everybody is scattering to the wind like they had to in
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1999. >> reporter: the city settled a lawsuit, paying the albany bulb homeless to move out, and stay out of public land in the city. it's been amber woodson's home for seven and a half years. she refused the money. >> as principal. they firmly believe you can buy somebody's house if they're willing to sell it to you, but you cannot buy somebody's home. >> reporter: on friday, the people will follow. >> they're going to scatter. many of them. they'll be under the gilman overpass. they'll be down by aquatic park. >> reporter: ocean newman represented them in their settlement with the city. >> we're happy they got something for those people who got it. we're also really sad that this community, that's been here now for over 15 years is going to be gone. >> reporter: the site of a former landfill, home to a throwaway society. with million dollar views. >> and you're not going to get me to stay away from my home.
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>> reporter: a city spokesperson told me they helped find housing for 13 people, plus an infant. in albany, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. facebook's first quarter earnings report shows it's growing by leaps and grounds. revenue and sales made big gains too, beating wall street expectations. facebook also said money is coming in from the all important mobile ads. shares rose about 3.5% after hours. apple reported a 5% rise in its 1st quarter revenues. analysts expected more. apple said it would buy back $30 billion of its stock, and it revealed a 7 to 1 stock split in june. its shares jumped $40 in after hours trading. the broader markets fell after six days of gained. the dow dropped 12 points,
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nasdaq dropped 4. a police officer doing a firefighter's job. the call to save a woman that an officer answered despite his uniform. >> immediately, it seemed like it was pretty chaotic. >> tracking a wet weather system headed towards the bay area, when the bulk of the rainfall is expected to move into your neighborhood. >> next, a neighborhood bar closed. the hundreds of of complaints leading to a liquor license suspension, and why the general manager says it's not fair.
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a bar in walnut creek is closed tonight. state officials suspended the liquor license of krogans. jana katsuyama has been looking into the recurring problems, and allegation heard from the -- also heard from the manager of the bar about why they think what's happening is not fair. >> reporter: saying the license is suspended, no alcohol allowed to be served, and they will be closed until may 7. happy hour was not so happy for people looking to have a drink tonight at crogan's. it surprised passer's by, and long time walnut creek residents. >> i'm actually surprised to see this happened. >> why is that? >> it's been an establishment that's been here a long time. >> reporter: they suspended the
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liquor license last thursday for operating a quote, disorderly house. putting a strain on police resources. >> they have one of the highest call volumes in walnut creek. >> reporter: fights such as this one have become a problem over the years for walnut creek's booming nightlife. croga n's case, they found more than 200 calls in just over a year. >> there's too many incidents here. too many fights. too many public drunkenness cases. too many incidents. >> reporter: according to abc's records their bar license has been suspended twice before. crogan's manager says they work with police and security. he feels the call volume is unfair, because he says some calls have nothing to do with their bar. >> he ended up getting arrested
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outfront by the police, but hadn't been in our bar at all. >> to close it down and be that intense about it. i don't know. >> i wouldn't want it to be at the same timed -- tainted by it, by an element that says it's a party city. >> reporter: following this suspension, crogan's will be on probation for two years, and any violations could result in the licensing about revoked. an autopsy is set for friday for a man whose body was found at a dump near petaluma. sheriff's deputies were called shortly before 1:00 this afternoon. investigators say they believe the body may have come from a transfer truck from the hillsberg area. they say there is no sign of foul play. they are withholding the man's name, until family members are notified, but did reveal he was 39 years old.
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the jury in the peeping tom trial heard his side of the story today. prosecutors played a tape in which carrillo says he saw a light on in his neighborhood's apartment during the early hours, and walked over with some beers. in when no one answered, he walked toward a gate, and left after he heard a male voice ask who he was. police say when the supervisor was arrested, he was dressed in socks and boxer briefs. prosecutors rested their case, and defense testimony is expected tomorrow. tomorrow, oakland police will become the latest department to use a private social network to communicate with residents. not facebook or twitter, but a 2-year-old site called next door. how the partnership with next door is working there. >> big lots, big homes, very low density. >> reporter: a few months ago, he noticed a shopping bag of
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clothes, strewn across the sidewalk. >> it was entirely out of case, so i investigated it. >> reporter: will was a relate with a name on it. he was able to find the neighbor it belonged to. >> i sent them a note, saying your stuff is across the street from my home. did you have a car break in by chance? ultimately, we found 14 or 15 vehicles were broken into that evening. we wouldn't have known that without the next door. >> reporter: one of 32,000 neighborhoods across the country using next door. >> resources are getting scarcer. what we need is the community to get larger. >> reporter: san jose police started partnering with next door, to spend specific alerts. >> this gives us another opportunity, another conduit for us to interact with the community. but at the same time, it fosters more community growth. >> reporter: it's the kind of partnership oakland police will begin with next door this week. >> over 75% of the total neighborhoods in the bay area
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are using next door. >> when we engage in one of these partnerships, we do assist with police in knowing the kind of information they're looking for. >> reporter: he says he's glad to have direct access to the police that patrol his neighborhood, but open communications lines can create challenges. his advice for counterparts? be prepared to respond to a high volume of messages from the community you serve. oakland police are expected to discuss the details of this partnership at a news conference tomorrow, and we hope to ask them how they plan to handle all of the messages they'll be getting from next door users. new york city's police commissioner is trying to put a positive spin on a social media experiment that failed. police asked twitter users to post pictures of themselves with new york police officers, using #mynypd. soon after that pictures of
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police roughing up protesters appeared on twitter. the commissioner said he kind of welcomed the attention, and most of the photos were old news. now we've noticed oakland, and san francisco police are getting the same kind of twitter treatment. twitter has apparently been hacked, and thousands of users have been compromised. twitter is warning the links may be harmful. the attack may be related to security breaches at other sites. a channel 2 investigation has uncovered allegations of animals being misidentified at a bay area animal shelter, and those mistakes turned deadly. >> the dog was euthanizedded as a pit bull when it wasn't a pit bull. >> workers say they have pictures to prove the problems. tomorrow night at 10:00, 2 investigates looks into how this could happen and how often
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the biggest bay area shelters are euthanized in animals. again, that's tomorrow night on the 10:00 news. nice looking day today. tomorrow about the same temperatures. 60s and 70s, but more clouds tomorrow. rain shows up about cape mendocino north. they'll make a move farther south for us tomorrow night as rain is back in the bay area forecast as we move into the next 36 hours. showers up around eureka. 8:00a.m., starts out partly cloudy, to mostly cloudy. tomorrow afternoon, mostly cloudy. here come those showers, they're going to have an impact on your late thursday evening, into your friday morning commute, and your friday afternoon commute. i'll give you the complete details. we'll run this model all the way through your friday and saturday and sunday as well. taking action when every
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second counts. >> it seemed like it was pretty chaotic. >> tonight at 10:30, the rescue that saved a woman, and why this police officer says he hasn't always been in the right place at the right time. >> in three minutes, a remarkable recovery. a skateboarder's message to others, after an accident left him in a coma for three weeks. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event, is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ a former teacher of the third mate staring the north korean ship says she ordered the helmsman to make a 5-degree turn, but the steering unit turned too far, and the helmsman couldn't turn it back. records show the ship made a 45- degree turn, before tipping over and sinking. another possible clue to
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the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370 has led nowhere. searchers called a piece of metal that washed ashore, an object of interest today. now they say it's not from the plane. also, the robotic submarine, has failed to find any wreckage. officials are thinking about bringing in new equipment now, and expanding the search area. a black eye for the blue angels after the navy relieved a former commander of his duties. that commander is captain gregory mcworder. we've interviewed him in the past, now "the washington post" is reporting that the navy is investigating allegations of hazing, and sexual harassment under his watch. the post says a former member of the blue angels complained of sexually explicit speech, displays of pornography and jokes by orientation. he's had to relearn basic
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things like speech and movement. >> but as john sasaki reports, ron carroll has learned a difficult lesson. one he hopes can help others. >> reporter: an 18-year-old making his own lunch is no big deal. but just eight weeks ago, ryan carroll was in a coma. ryan got home last saturday after a rough month in the icu, and rehabbing from a serious head injury. >> i went to sleep on the 19th, and woke up april 10, or something like that in the hospital. >> reporter: the student was hurt on march 20, he was riding a long board when he crashed. >> i feel like i should have been wearing a helmet, and i feel like i should have been a little bit more cautious. >> reporter: after calming out of the coma, he struggled to regain his movement. but the injury has also changed
10:26 pm
his sense of taste. >> with any remote sweet taste now, just takes like oreos now. which is really annoying, because you can only have so many oreos. >> as i was wandering along santa barbara, everywhere i looked, there were kids skating around without helmets on, it was really hard for me not to stop people and give them a story. >> reporter: then there is the story of kate hopkins. she was a 20-year-old from martinez who died in a long boarding accident, for not wearing a helmet just three days before ryan's crash. >> it was scary to learn i was that close to death, and someone who had the same exact experience as me had died. it was quite a reality check. >> reporter: ryan still has trouble with his short term memory, and his medical bills already total in the millions. in pleasant hill, john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. eyes in the sky, to spot
10:27 pm
trouble before it happens. >> low flying helicopters to look at construction projects on the ground that can cause infernos below. >> you saw a wall of flames over the house, and yet, he still rushed in. i talked with the police officer who rescued a woman trapped inside. >> and a reminder that you can get ktvu news to go. click on the live icon, and watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device.
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i think i just happened to be in the right place at the right time. >> new at 10:00, a home quickly filling with smoke, and an elderly woman inside. he says it wasn't anything special, but a livermore woman
10:30 pm
has a police officer to thank for rescuing her from that home. speaking with the officer about the action he took when he got last night's call. >> reporter: frank, he was on patrol when he heard the call. structure fire. usually, tasked with securing the scene. it became pretty clear, he was going to need to enter the scene. those flames, they were quickly approaching this house that you see here, so he kicked in the front door, and with no protective gear, no firefighter training, he rushed in. >> it was pretty chaotic, there was neighbors running around. i saw the flames coming over the back of the house. >> reporter: he was the first to the scene of last night's fire on gray street. take a look at this picture. the flames that badly burned this backyard shed were headed straight for the house. inside the master bedroom, a woman unable to walk on her own. >> several neighbors were yelling that there was a female trapped inside. at that time, i went up, tried the door, the door was locked.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: so he kicked in the door, and scooped up the woman. despite the danger and lack of training. >> i think i just happened to be in the right place at the right time. >> reporter: the officer hasn't always had such good timing. a few years ago, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. on patrol again, he saw several large chunks of concrete and rocks. check out the size of this rock turned evidence number 6. >> i stopped, got out of the patrol car, and attempted to clear the road when i was struck by a rock from the overcrossing. >> reporter: suffered a concussion when someone pelted him with rocks. tonight, he's nursing an injured hand. just part of the job, he says, fulfilling his core mission to save lives. >> i don't see anything special about it. >> reporter: yeah, nothing special about saving a woman at all. pretty humble guy. i spoke with a fire official, he tells me, it was just a matter of minutes, if not seconds before those flames reached that bedroom. he also tells me, they suspect
10:32 pm
that oily rags started that fire in the backyard shed. reporting live tonight here in livermore, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. new information now about a fire that tore through three homes in san francisco's deboas triagal. the damage estimate is more than $3 million. the fire started about 1:30 in the afternoon at a home on walter street, and damaged homes on either side before firefighters controlled it. there is no word yet on what caused the fire. a small town in southwest wyoming was evacuated today after a fire and explosion at a natural gas pipeline hub. everyone moved to an area about three miles outside town this afternoon after that gas facility blew up and caught fire. there were no reports of injuries. the fire is now confined to the area around the energy company. pg and e crews took to the
10:33 pm
skies today, hoping to spot trouble with the gas pipelines before it happens. these aerial surveys zeroed in on construction sites around the bay area. >> reporter: every month, pg and e choppers over all seven miles of the gas transmission pipelines. the controller look for digging activities, something they observed 8,000 times last year. >> we're primarily looking for threats to our pipelines integrity, which puts the public at risk. >> reporter: what crews are looking for is any construction project, no matter how big, no matter how small, within 300 feet of any transmission line. because if you dig into one of those, you could cause an inferno. >> excavation activity. well drilling. horizontal boring. >> reporter: signs of responsible digging is here, especially with the lines painted on the street, they
10:34 pm
move on. but if the indicaters are missing -- >> we escalate those threats to immediate, with a call to the pipeline supervisor. if we can't reach them, we go to our gas control, and activate an emergency notification network. >> reporter: pg and e, and local police have the authority to order an immediate stoppage. something that happened emotion 16,000 times last year, because folks just started digging. a free service provided by dialing 811. >> you have to wait approximately two working days to have your underground utility lines located. >> reporter: still last year, there were 2,000 line damaging dig ins. $11million worth. >> the responsible party son the hook for the damages to that line. >> reporter: in remote areas, the chopper can land, and order the digger to stop until utilities are properly marked. tom vacar, ktvu, channel 2 news. federal health regulators are ready to propose new rules
10:35 pm
tomorrow that would give them authority over electronic cigarettes. the proposed rules would also ban the sales of e-cigarettes to those under the age of 18, along with cigarring and pipe tobacco. a law passed by congress gives it the power to prohibit tobacco product sales to minors. the proposed rules would also require the makers of cigars and e-cigarettes to provide the fda with the manufacturing process, and the ingredients in their products. keeping children safe on airplanes. the head of the ntsb is renewing her push for child safety seats on passenger airlines. the child restraint system could have saved three babies in crashes over the past three decades. debra hirshman is disappointed she hasn't been able to get regular laces changed. she tells us, she can't believe her eyes, when she boards a
10:36 pm
plane, and sees parents holding kids on their laps. >> the laws of physics don't change. you can't hold your baby at 50 miles an hour, why would you think you could hold them at 250 miles an hour? >> the faa says the safest way for a child to travel is in a booster, just like in a car. however, parents who use those seats have to buy an extra ticket. conjoined twins home safe. the reason the parents say they're not going to separate the boys. >> where the heaviest rainfall is expected, and the totals this system could bring. >> and coming up, a stunning newimage today of a shipwreck. ready? happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in!
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this is tomato soup. announcer: their brains are actually developing with your every word. it's free, easy, and something you can do anytime. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at some workers walked off the job at kaiser in oakland today. but there are conflicting reasons about why. non-physician mental health workers say they staged a one day strike to call attention to pfizer's mental services. they say the hospital lacks the staff and resources to properly care for patients but the hospital says it is about a
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dispute. a call about yet another serious pedestrian accident. police say a man in his 20s, or 30s suffered critical injuries when he was hit by a car. he was crossing 20th avenue near stern grove this morning, he was taken to san francisco general, where he underwent surgery. investigators say the 20-year- old woman who hit him did stop and cooperate with officers. they say that she may have been blinded by the sun. today the metropolitan transportation commission took a final vote approving $8.7 million to set up bikes and set up stations. they're still trying to figure out how many bikes will go to emeryville, but we do no oakland will get 450 bikes and berkely will get 300. bay area bike share currently operates in san francisco, redwood city, palo alto, mountain view, and san jose. a new survey finds finds
10:41 pm
californians support common core. when given a brief description, 70% said they support common core. president obama is on a four nation tour of asia. a little more than an hour ago, he talked about international hot spots while visiting japan. the president and japan's prime minister held a news conference, and the first question was about japan's territorial dispute with china over some disputed, and uninhabited islands. president obama said that the u.s. stands with japan. he also touched on the crisis in ukraine, and north korea's nuclear program. two american astronauts made quick work of repairs at the international space station today. the computer is a backup, but if it had failed, the space
10:42 pm
station and its crew would have been in trouble. once the work was done, he managed to take a selfie, even though it was a bit difficult with the bulky space suit that i was wearing. coming up, why a fisherman was told his record catch won't make it into the record books. >> wet weather headed into the bay area. when it will hit, and how it will affect your commute. >> in two minutes, new photos of the deadliest shipwreck in the bay, and the accusations of racism when it sunk. [doorbell rings]
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in every life, there are when you know, you know. the all-new volvo v60 sportswagon. the s60 sedan and the xc60 crossover. test drive one today. model year end sales event. the s60 with 0.9% apr and up to $2500 in allowances. we all know what goes up, must come down, but not always where people expect. a group celebrating a birthday found that out yesterday when their hot air balloon ride
10:45 pm
ended right in the street. it happened in the san diego neighborhood of rancho bernardo. the pilot decided to land on the street after the balloon was blown off course. eight passengers, including children all escaped unharmed. today, we're getting our first look at a sunken ship involved in the deadliest shipwreck ever inside the san francisco bay. ktvu's john fowler shows us the images, and tells us how that fine is rewriting the books. >> reporter: what's left over a steam engine sticking up. the first images of the steam ship sunshine it sank 125 years ago. >> every wreck, like every person has a story, that speaks to us, and connects to the heart, as well as engages the mind. >> reporter: it was foggy that morning with swirling tides. the city of chester with 90
10:46 pm
passengers, steaming out the golden gate. the much larger asianic, most of the crew chinese. they collided right where this ferry is now. the city of chester sank in six minutes. the deadlyist ship accident inside the bay. >> this gave us such an incredible opportunity to connect with maritime history. >> reporter: back in 1888, chinese racism was rampant in the bay area, and many blamed the chinese crewmen for the deaths. >> they saved many lives. there would have been more fatalities, had it not been for the actions of those chinese crewmen. >> reporter: there's a public presentation of their findings scheduled for tomorrow night at 7:00 at san francisco's aquarium of the bay. in san francisco, john fowler,
10:47 pm
ktvu, channel 2 news. and at, we have posted a slide show of images from the shipwreck. click on the link of images. a fisherman who reeled in a giant shark off of florida's panhandle may not make it into the record books. the international land based shark fishing association, which accepts applications for records says polk broke the rules by not releasing the shark. polk says the shark was too exhausted to swim away, after hours of struggle. he says he cooked the shark and served it at a community feast. a pair of conjoined twins born earlier this month are finally home from the hospital. they are joined from the breast bone to their waist and share a heart and a liver. the more says she's just happy the boys are home and doing well. >> to me, it's being able to
10:48 pm
hold them and just hear them cry and know that they're here with me. >> their parents have decided not to separate the boys because of the risk one or both could die. plenty of sunshine out there today. temperatures were mild. they weren't necessarily warm, but they were in the 60s and low 70s. highs tomorrow will be just like these. i think we'll see very similar, maybe a little warmer some spots. the story tomorrow is going to be similar temperatures, but lots of clouds. with those clouds comes at opportunity for some of that green. some of that rain to drop our way as we head into thursday night and friday. already in the north bay, we've got clouds. by tomorrow, when you get up, mostly cloudy throughout the bay area. showers showing up east of ukiah. a change in the weather again. friday looks like it's going to be kind of a damp day.
10:49 pm
the winds have died down, except for the san francisco airport. 18 mile-an-hour gusts. they were up to 25 and 30 today like they were yesterday. it's cold overnight. it's going to be chilly again. not as cold as last night. last night, we were in the low 30s, upper 40s. tonight, will be low 40s, mid- 40s, but still chilly for this time of year. just like this morning, you woke up and said, it's kind of cold out there, you'll do the same thing most likely tomorrow morning. the weather system starts pushing in tomorrow. that's why it's mostly cloudy throughout the day. by the evening, we're looking for a chance of showers, mainly in the north bay. after midnight, seeing showers in the bay area. throughout the early morning, and into friday, rain returns to the bay area. when i say rain, we're talking about a quarter inch at best, maybe a tenth of an inch. some areas a little more. friday morning's commute will be damp. friday afternoon's commute will be kind of damp. here we are, tomorrow night
10:50 pm
clouds. then tomorrow after midnight showers start showing up. into the morning, mid-morning, it startses to rain. scattered showers. it's all over the place. there's not a clear line here. there's going to be scattered showers. wet roadways friday afternoon. friday late afternoon starts to clear out. but in the mountains it snows. there could be a foot of snow up there. as we go into saturday, that's a nice day. sunday, more clouds, and a slight chance for sprinkles, or showers. that could change. the models are washing back and forth on that. tomorrow, forecast highs just like today. but cloudy tomorrow. cold in the morning, cloudy day, and temperatures, upper 60s, low 70s. here comes the five-day forecast then. we're going to show you, there's your evening chance. there's your rain on friday. then on sunday, now, we have a chance of showers in there. right now, count on friday being kind of wet, and not that great. it will be great for hay fever sufferers, it will be great for
10:51 pm
my lawn. it will knock that stuff out of the trees. >> a lot of people suffering from that right now, thanks bill. fundraising efforts to transform the historic uc theater on university avenue in berkely got a big boost today. the non-profit plans to renovate the theater this summer, all part of a $5.2 million project to transform that theater into a live concert venue by next year. more than half of the money has been raised. today, the group received a $250,000 challenge grant. saw a lot of movies there when i was a kid. mark is here now with sports, and the giants finally broke out of their hitting slump in a big way. >> it's about time. especially up in colorado. never thought i'd hear myself saying this, but thank heavens buster posey was not playing for the giants today. the underachieving, usually all- star catcher sat it out, while his replacement smacked two home runs, including a game winning grand slam in the 11th. the appropriate words for
10:52 pm
today? bye bye baby. six home runs for san francisco. it starts pretty early. michael morris had a pair of them. traveled about 455. his 5th of the year. in the 7th,down 6-5, brandon belt. he's got 7 homers already. the giants have the lead. but in the 11th, tied again. hector sanchez with a bases loaded, after they walked joaquin arias to get to him. his second homer. 5 rbi's for sanchez. despite the fact colorado scored two in the bottom half of the winning, the giants come out of it with a 12-10 victory. so much for the slump. in oakland, two young guns on the mound. one was merely good while the other sensational.
10:53 pm
he was not wearing an a's uniform. sunny gray. pretty good. however, the rangers sweep oakland out of first place as michael choi, former oakland a, with an rbi sinkle. then donny murphy who had the game winning single the other night. this time delivers the long ball, going the opposite way. greg gives up only 3 hits, but he's a loser, while martin perez, just great. second straight shut out he's thrown. donny murphy helps him out with a nice play there. a three hitter, complete game. he has thrown 26 consecutive scoreless innings. nba playoff stuff when we come back he lived up to the superman label tonight. but dwight howard also meets his kryptonite. a local kid out of oakland leads the charge. sports part 2, next. [dad] [laughs]
10:54 pm
[boy] mom! [mom] yes? [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom and dad] [laughing] [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom] you've got two left feet,boo.
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10:56 pm
warrior fans already know this. it's going to take a lot more than fans yelling at the top of their lungs, to get the warriors over the clips tomorrow night. but it sure won't hurt being back at the oracle after the shellacking of game 2. found a way to neutralize steph curry. steph himself is going to tell you, he first needs to play
10:57 pm
much better defense and he himself needs to spread the ball around a bit better. >> figure out how to draw up the attention that we get open shots, force the issue to get into the paint, and make plays. >> we talked about traps and all of that kind of stuff. we give up 140 every night, we're not going to win anything. so defensively is the big thing for us. >> very early in the playoff process. how about portland taking the first 2 from the rockets in houston no less. dwight howard dominating. he had 25 of houston's 53 1st half points. but managed only 7 in the 2nd half. he was backed up to say the least by lamarcus aldridge. portland goes back to their home court up 2-0.
10:58 pm
>> thanks mark. thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. >> our next newscast, the news team at 4:30 a.m. if you missed part of tonight's broadcast, you can catch the rebroadcast right now over on tv36. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event
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